Arstechnia tests Internet surveillance—by spying on an NPR reporter

Source: Arstechnia

On a bright April morning in Menlo Park, California, I became an Internet spy.

This was easier than it sounds because I had a willing target. I had partnered with National Public Radio (NPR) tech correspondent Steve Henn for an experiment in Internet surveillance. For one week, while Henn researched a story, he allowed himself to be watched—acting as a stand-in, in effect, for everyone who uses Internet-connected devices. How much of our lives do we reallyreveal simply by going online?

Henn let me into his Silicon Valley home and ushered me into his office with a cup of coffee. Waiting for me there was the key tool of my new trade: a metal-and-plastic box that resembled nothing more threatening than an unlabeled Wi-Fi router. This was the PwnPlug R2, a piece of professional penetration testing gear designed by Pwnie Express CTO Dave Porcello and his team and on loan to us for this project.

The box would soon sink its teeth into the Internet traffic from Henn’s home computer and smartphone, silently gobbling up every morsel of data and spitting it surreptitiously out of Henn’s home network for our later analysis. With its help, we would create a pint-sized version of the Internet surveillance infrastructure used by the National Security Agency. Henn would serve as a proxy for Internet users, Porcello would become our one-man equivalent of the NSA’s Special Source Operations department, and I would become Henn’s personal NSA analyst.

As Henn cleared a spot on his desk for the PwnPlug, he joked that it might not provide anything useful for us to analyze. In the year since Edward Snowden pulled back the curtain of secrecy around the NSA’s dragnet surveillance programs, many of the major Internet service providers targeted by the spy agency have publicly announced plans to better protect customers, often through the expanded use of encryption.

Our experiment would answer the question: could a passive observer of Internet traffic still learn much about a target in this post-Snowden world?

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